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Kickin' back.

Haha. Drastic changes in the past week. It's all cool, though. Mad peeps are infected with this new, dynamic disease, and I swear it's like some shit outta' Dawn of the Dead. All of a sudden it explodes onto the scene, claimin' everyone in sight. More drama, but I'm still kickin' back. I think I found out who started all this, too. Gonna see what's up with that.

Changed my livejournal layout. Got bored and was tired of it lookin' like shit for the past year so I spent a little time fixin' it up. I'm satisfied.

Couple more months of school left.. all I'm tryin' to do is do what I gotta do to get the results I want for the summer and I'm good. This includes school and everything else I've set my eyes on. We'll see how it goes.
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